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(707) 777-1775

PO Box 3, Bridgeville, CA95526


Located at Bridgeville Elementary School, at 38717 Kneeland Road, off Highway 36.


Danielle Holway, Director

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Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 - 4:00

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Bridgeville is home to BridgeFest, the annual event when Aliens and Humans gather on the old bridge and determine, once and for all, who is flying Saucer Contest Champion and Grand Emperor of the Universe. Come witness the invasion by Aliens and UFOs that occurs during BridgeFest, accompanied by live music, vendors selling earthly and unearthly wares, and general out-of-this-world fun. Remember, not all Aliens bite, some are actually friendly. The event takes place the third Saturday in August, located on Planet Earth. See you there!!!

Bridgeville Community Center Mission Statement

The Bridgeville Community Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our community members. We are committed to bringing people of all ages together to encourage good health, self-esteem, creativity, and personal development.



2024 BridgeFest

Saturday, August 17th

11am - 7pm (raffle starts at 4pm)

will be

at the Bridgeville School on Kneeland Rd, just past the old bridge.

And we are having the Flying Saucer toss off the Old Bridge

Music (5 bands), Vendors, Food, Alien Costume Constest, Kids Zone, Flying Saucer Toss off the old Bridge and more...

We cordially invite you to BridgeFest 2024 but we don't have the new poster yet.

BridgeFest 2023


BridgeFest Landing Zone


Bridgefest Crew




A little background on BridgeFest

There comes a time in this galaxy when all intergalactic species must come together for a higher purpose.   A time to compare antenna and, of course, an opportunity to demonstrate the agility and new advances made on your flying saucer craft. The time is set.  The place: EARTH; on the old BRIDGEVILLE BRIDGE conveniently located in Bridgeville, California, USA (yes it is a real place, just look it up on the Internet, or fly up Highway 36 and see for yourself). For 2024, BridgeFest will be held at the old school yard of Bridgeville School, just past the old bridge on Kneeland Road.


BridgeFest Flying Saucer Contest

Flying Saucer Registration


WHERE?   Bridgeville, CA,  Planet Earth (third planet from SoL), on Highway 36, turn on Kneeland Road, go to Bridgeville School (about 1/2 hour from Fortuna).



NOTICE: For 2024, we are having the saucer toss off the old bridge. And an alien parade. Saucer toss time TBA, preceded by the Alien parade to the bridge. (listen to announcements).

We still need volunteers, it could be you. Give the BCC a call at planet Earth (707) 777-1775.


New and Improved... 

 OFFICIAL Rules and Procedures

“Go For The Gold!”



Truth be told, we are much more flexible about the rules these days. In fact there are almost no rules. But you will get two tosses for the $5 entry fee. The saucer will be retrieved. The Saucer Festivities will occur TBA. You can prepare your flying saucer at home, or make one at the fest on the bridge. We have lowered our standards for the good of humanity. But you will get a chance to throw a saucer off the bridge for a Landing Fee of $5 (good for 2 launches). Please ignore most of the saucer construction requirements below. Those were the requirements of the graybacks centuries ago. But creativity still counts.

The Saucer:

  • Must be round or nearly round on its outer edge

  • Must be at least 8” in diameter

  • Must have a thickness not more than ½ its diameter

  • Must be unique and easily identifiable

  • Must not be any pre-manufactured toy or flying device.


The Entry:    

An entry consists of a saucer and its associated Pilot.  There is a $5.00 (US Earth currency) fee for each entry.  This fee enters your saucer in the contest, entitles you to two launches.

The Course:

The course is identified from the east side of the old Bridgeville Bridge to a landing spot on the river bar marked by a red circle with a pole in the center.  (The Bridge is approximately 40 feet ABOVE the river bar; the goal is about 45 yards east.)

The Game:

The object of the contest is to land your saucer as close to the pole as possible.  The winner will be the saucer that lies closest to the pole at the close of the contest.  (Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place saucers.)  Each entry will get one launch in the order of their entry.  After the launch, the crew will have the option of either leaving the saucer where it landed or having it retrieved by the ground crew for a another launch.  To launch more than the one allotted attempt, the pilot must have a “Participant” tag and pay a retrieval fee of $1.00.  They will then join the line of launchers and wait their turn to re-launch.  This can be repeated as many times as the pilot wishes and a retrieval request can be made at any time until the contest closes.  At the appointed closing time, the launch line will be closed, but every pilot waiting in the launch line will be allowed their last shot.

The Launch:

Saucers will be launched only from the official launch pad on the Bridge.  Each entry will be allotted one (1) minute on the launch pad to launch their saucer.  All forward momentum of the saucer must come directly from the hand of the pilot.

The Landing:

The saucer must remain intact upon landing.  If a saucer breaks apart or sheds pieces of a noticeable size, the toss is nullified and the pieces will be returned to the owners who may, if they wish, repair the saucer and fly it again. 

The Prize:

Prizes of various kinds will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Prizes will be displayed at the entry booth.


May the best saucer win!



Good Luck!





Size of the Course

The old Bridgeville Bridge stands about 45 feet above the river bar.  The bar is approximately 150 yards long and 50 yards wide, lined by the river to the north and a bank of trees to the south.  The primary landing zone will be circular, about 6 feet across, designated by a red pad set in the center of the bar about 30 yards from the bridge.  The secondary landing zone will be the area within about 10 feet of the primary zone, designated by a white circle.  There is usually a good wind from the west around that time of day. 


BridgeFest is located in the town of Bridgeville, CA, on Highway 36.  (about 25 miles from 101 and Fortuna) Thanks to all who come. Please enjoy your stay.

To the Teralusians: Please keep California clean. On your last visit, you left behind your your Trash (at least we think it was trash, maybe it was crew members, we couldn't tell. We saved it for you).

For more information or to answer your questions
call the BCC at (707) 777-1775

(or write BridgeFest, PO Box 3, Bridgeville,  CA,  95526, Earth, Third Planet from the Sun)

Click to see map Bridgeville, CA

Come to BridgeFest and experience the Earth Food, vendors selling earthly and unearthly wares, and live music.

Yes, it does take place in the town that was for sale on EBAY twice (didn't sell either time).

Fun starts at 11 am and continues until 7 pm, or until the last Flying Saucer flies home. Raffle drawing starts at 4pm.

We come in peace.



May the best saucer win!



Old Memory - See the 2021 BridgeFest Raffle Drawing here: