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Located at Bridgeville Elementary School, at 38717 Kneeland Road, off Highway 36.

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Bridgeville is home to BridgeFest, the annual event when Aliens and Humans gather on the old bridge and determine, once and for all, who is flying Saucer Contest Champion and Grand Emperor of the Universe. Come witness the invasion by Aliens and UFOs that occurs during BridgeFest, accompanied by live music, vendors selling earthly and unearthly wares, and general out-of-this-world fun. Remember, not all Aliens bite, some are actually friendly. The event takes place the third Saturday in August, located on Planet Earth. See you there!!!

Bridgeville Community Center Mission Statement

The Bridgeville Community Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all our community members. We are committed to bringing people of all ages together to encourage good health, self-esteem, creativity, and personal development.



Nineteenth Annual BridgeFest and Flying Saucer Contest

Flying Saucer

August 15, 2015

10 am - 5 pm

and Music, Bridge Vendors, Food and...

To all visiting aliens: Hope you enjoy your stay here at BridgeFest.


BridgeFest  2012

There comes a time in this galaxy when all intergalactic species must come together for a higher purpose.   A time to compare antenna and, of course, an opportunity to demonstrate the agility and new advances made on your flying saucer craft. The time is set.  The place: EARTH; on the old BRIDGEVILLE BRIDGE, conveniently located in Bridgeville, California, USA (yes it is a real place, just look it up on the Internet, or fly up highway 36 and see for yourself). 

BridgeFest Flying Saucer Contest

Flying Saucer Registration starts at 11:30 am, no entries accepted after 1:00 pm.


WHERE?   Bridgeville, CA,  Planet Earth (third planet from SoL), on Highway 36 on the Bridge.


New and Improved... 

Flying Saucer Trials

 OFFICIAL Rules and Procedures

The Object

The object of the event is to earn points by having a crew that communicates well with Earthlings and a flashy looking saucer rig that flies long and lands accurately from a launch off the bridge.



The Flying Saucer

1. The flying saucer must be a disk shape.

2. Flying saucers shall remain intact upon landing.

3. The flying saucer's weight shall be no more than 2 ounces for every inch in diameter.

4. Saucers shall be not less than 6 inches nor exceed 24 inches in diameter.

5. The saucer shall have an accessible cabin that contains a representation of each member of the crew and an operations manual.

6. Only one saucer per crew.

7. No modified Frisbees, baseballs, Aerobes, Koosh, or any commercially manufactured toys or sporting equipment.

8. The use of recycled materials is encouraged.

9. The flying saucer must be built to derive its forward flight momentum directly from the hand of the crew member.



The Crew

1. Each crew shall consist of only two individuals of like minds and spirit with a catchy name.

2.  To allow for communication and guidance, crews shall be equipped with fully exposed head mounted antenna.


The Entry

1.  For each Crew there is an entry fee of $5.00 U.S. payable in cash, check, money order or 7 pounds of compressed aluminum.  No Alfa Centori Dorkmas will be accepted due to rampant inflation.

2.  No entry will be accepted after 1:00 P.M.


The Games

1. We will begin taking entries at 11:30 A.M. on the bridge.  At the time of entry, the flying saucer will be weighed and inspected to see that it meets specifications to qualify for the day’s event.  The flying saucers cannot be modified after the entry inspection.

2. Entries will be judged for style and design from 11:30 to 1:00.

3. Beginning at 1:00, each crew member will be responsible for one launch of their rig from the designated launching pad on the bridge.  These two launches will be consecutive and will be scored immediately.

4. The judges will give a score to each crew based on style of launch, costumes of crew members, antennae, and pre-launch performance.  Each crew will be allotted 3 minutes of time to communicate whatever they wish to the eagerly watching Earthlings and the judges, each of whom can award up to 20 points for your show.

5. Points will be awarded for proximity to the landing zone:

a) 100 points for a landing within or partially within the primary landing zone.
b) 70 points for a landing within or partially within the secondary landing zone.
c) For landings outside the zone, 50 to 0 points for each foot outside the secondary landing zone.



The Points

Points may be earned in the following ways:

1. 1 to 60 points for a cool looking rig, creative recycling of materials, creative representation of the crew, cabin, and operations manual.

2. 1 to 80 points for the costumes, antennae, pre-launch ritual, and graceful launch of the saucer.

3.  0 to 200 points for proximity to the landing zone (two tosses):

  • 100 points for a bull’s-eye

  • 70 points for a landing in the secondary zone

  • 0 to 50 points for a landing outside either landing zone

Points may be lost in the following ways:

  • 1 to 10 points for each incident of whining to judges by crew members.

  •  1 to 100 points for loss of flying saucer parts during the launch, flight, and impact of the landing.  We do not want to spend all day recovering pieces of your vehicle off the river bar.

  • 1 to 100 points for yet to be considered ways that an entry could lose points at the discretion of the judges.


The Big No NoThe Big No-No

1. Disqualification will be the result from crew members doing test flights off either of the bridges prior to or during the contest.

2.  Flying saucers that land in the poison oak, on the steep bank on the north side of the river, or way up in the trees will be disqualified.

3.  Flying saucers that eject  their crew or cabin will be disqualified due to certain death.



The Judges

There will be three judges who will first judge the rig itself for class and compliance with the rules; each judge will independently award up to 20 points.  At launch time, they will judge the crew, their costumes, antennae, and the pre-launch demonstration.  Again, each judge will independently award up to 20 points.  In addition to the judges’ points, the Master of Ceremonies can award up to 20 points for anything extra special.




  1. A trophy for the most overall points.

  2. A lesser trophy for most rig and launch points.

  3. Special badge for a bulls-eye.


Size of the Course

The old Bridgeville Bridge stands about 45 feet above the river bar.  The bar is approximately 150 yards long and 50 yards wide, lined by the river to the north and a bank of trees to the south.  The primary landing zone will be circular, about 6 feet across, designated by a red pad set in the center of the bar about 30 yards from the bridge.  The secondary landing zone will be the area within about 10 feet of the primary zone, designated by a white circle.  There is usually a good wind from the west around that time of day. 


BridgeFest is located in the town of Bridgeville, CA, on Highway 36.  (about 25 miles from 101 and Fortuna) Thanks to all who come. Please enjoy your stay.

To the Venusians: Please keep California clean. On your last visit, you left behind your your Trash (at least we think it was trash).

For more information or to answer your questions
call the BCC at (707) 777-1775

or Roger Schellhous at (707) 777-1770.

(or write BridgeFest, PO Box 3, Bridgeville,  CA,  95526, Earth, Third Planet from the Sun)

Click to see map Bridgeville, CA

Come to BridgeFest and experience the Earth Food, vendors selling earthly and unearthly wares, and live music.

Yes, it does take place in the town that was for sale on EBAY twice (didn't sell either time).

Fun starts at 10 am and continues until 5 pm, or until the last Flying Saucer flies home.

We come in peace.